How it is to be you

 1. Inspiring as much understanding, empathy, and compassion as possible

The more we’re able to be compassionate with ourselves, the easier it will be to do the same for other people. This, in turn, will lead to more meaningful relationships, all in all making our lives a little easier and the world a little better.

2. Supporting and inspiring changemakers and rebels with causes

How It Is To Be You is not a one-stop-shop for all your emotional, spiritual, and philosophical needs. It will not give all the answers. And it will not give a predefined path to walk on. It could, however, be the friendly local who points you in the right direction along the way right when you most need it.

3. Breaking the taboo around introspection, self-reflection, and the ‘dark side’ of being human

Being human is messy! And hard, and difficult, and beautiful, and amazing, and all sorts of confusing. But…it’s all these things combined that make us us. That make us human. The moment we learn to see, acknowledge, feel, and embrace that, is the moment we can find our own inner peace. Let’s not shy away from our own inner beings, but instead make a conscious effort to look inward and grow ever bigger and more abundant because of it.


I’m the one who expects everybody else to answer her question honestly but has the most difficult time doing so herself.

But…I also feel that I really need to. Because it’s the only way I’ll really be able to make that big difference I want to make in the world. Even though actually, I would already be extremely happy to spark just a little bit of inspiration in you, dear reader!

Professionally, I’ve got over 14 years experience in (corporate) business consulting, spent a few years in the Amsterdam startup scene, and have been on the entrepreneurial path ever since.

Personally, I’ve done years and years of soul searching, solo traveling, yoga teaching, medium visiting, reading, personal development training and workshop hosting, incense burning, people coaching, and crying whilst sitting in a circle of beautiful people talking about their feelings. Though the more esoteric part of spirituality is not my main focus, emotional and spiritual growth are the only things that really feel real to me.

If you’d like to see all my professional details in 1 row, here’s me on LinkedIn.


Linda CoussementI’ve always felt I missed a manual to life.

That maybe I was sick that day they handed it out (or skipped school for some other naughty reason…no, I’m just kidding, I was the most boring kid you could imagine, well…up until I was 17…;).

Anyway, I’ve never had any clue what this life was all about and how I was supposed to behave.

And I thought that everybody else did.

Now that I’m older and have figured some things out for myself (I did pretty well actually, considering…), I’ve realised that nobody has any freakin’ clue on what’s going on.

So during a solo hike in Normandy (that ended up with me crawling off the campsite after day 3 and hitchhiking back to my car because of shoes that were too small) I decided that I wanted to write that manual to life.

Luckily my senses hit me just in time because who am I to write such a thing, right?

But…I could investigate how other people experience life.

How they experience being them.

Et voila…the idea was born! I was going to ask all sorts of people: “How is it to be you?”