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What Is The Meaning Of Life If It Isn’t 42?


Do you ever get hit by a lightning bolt of clarity and ask yourself: What is the meaning of life anyway? Yeah, I got a ton of that in the past weeks… I got struck down by a serious cold and it turned me hyper-philosophical and introspective. And it made me wonder (in the most Carrie Bradshaw of [...]

Are You Ready To Go Rogue And Choose Yourself?


Are you ready to choose yourself? You’ve heard of the very demagogue-y decision to remove all climate change information of the White House website haven’t you? And how several U.S. government agencies were asked to limit communicating certain information to the world? And how employees of these and other agencies decided to set up private ‘rogue’ Twitter accounts? [...]

What Your World Could Look Like If Connecting With People Was Easy


Connecting with people...what does that even mean? For the past weeks, I've felt oddly demotivated and unenergized; like my battery just didn't want to recharge. Which is fine...but not really the go-getting entrepreneurial mindset necessary to make this World Peace thing happen... Anyway...somewhere last week I began to receive snippets of clarity and peeks of [...]

Stop Normalization And Start Living Your Own Life And Truth


“But…it’s probably just me being difficult…as usual.” She casually said after an hour-long tearful rant about all the horrors she was enduring with her more than narcissistic and egotistical boss. “But you know…it’s okay; I’m used to it now. It is what it is.” he said after the umptieth gut-wrenching description of the latest developments [...]

About Christmas, War, And Choosing Your Own Inner Peace


“Every idiot who goes about with 'Merry Christmas' on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. He should!” ― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol Now, don’t get me wrong; Christmas is great! The little sparkling lights, the nostalgy-inducing songs, the markets with all the cinnamon-y smells and hand-knitted [...]

How To Peace Out, Deal With Stress, And Stop Scaring Little Children


“Excuuuse me, but this is definitely MY side of the street.” I bitchily scowled at the girl who had cut her corner so sharp that I had to drastically hit the brakes on my bike and come to a full standstill. All this went down right at the bottom of a bridge over one of the Amsterdam canals. [...]

How To Make World Peace Happen In A Trumpian World


Evan Vucci/Associated Press So...the world just got Trumped... The very human fear (accompanied by his bff anger) of that what is different than what we know, turned out to be much stronger than we wanted to believe only a few days ago. Whether this was due to the media portraying the wrong images, [...]

How It Is To Be Charly: The Making Of


Have you met Charly? He shares his love for Tai Chi, Taoism and personal growth in this third How It Is To Be You video. Though architect by education and profession he's now at a turning point in his life and about to truly follow his passion and study Taoism and Tai Chi in the Wudang [...]

How It Is To Be Michal: The Making Of


Have you met Michal? The second How It Is To Be You video stars him, his beautiful family and the paper mill that is his passion and calling. This is the story of a man that has made a very brave and conscious decision to follow his heart and see his son grow up by [...]