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How It Is To Be Miss Tobi: The Making of


Have you met Miss Tobi? (S)he’s the main character of the very first How It Is To Be You video portrait and am I ever grateful for it! I could not have found a sweeter and more Berlin person than her and am very proud of the work we did together. The little film is filled [...]

How To Take A Compliment With Grace. And Really Truly Mean It!


Ah yes, the compliment... A human paradox if there ever was one: we spend our entire lives chasing personal recognition and acknowledgement but are seemingly unable to actually receive it...such a tragedy. I mean honestly, how many times has a scenario that looked a little like the following happened in your life? Friend: "Wow, you look [...]

About Moving Mountains, 1 Babystep At A Time


It was day 9 of my 2 week trek around the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal and I was standing at the foot of yet another steep climb. The last and biggest of that day. My hiking mates had all preceded me and were climbing the snowy and barely there path with the elegance and [...]

Insecurity & Judgment…Go Away, You Sneaky Little Bastards!


When you pack up your bags and step into a new adventure you know that all sorts of emotions and feelings will pop up at one point or another. And that’s perfectly fine because that’s part of life, of travelling and definitely part of the fun. But for the first 2 weeks of my stay [...]

About Overwhelm And Comfort Zone; Shit Just Got Real!


Okay…I might’ve underestimated things a little bit… I knew it was going to be big…but as it goes with plans that feel right on every level…you tend to mainly see the big picture and happily shove away thoughts about details until they’re there. Well, they’re there! And it’s because I’m learning something completely new; documentary making. [...]

Mistakes Are Just Life Lessons In Disguise. Seriously!


I've just started my brand new adventure of leaving my house, business career and friends & family behind to follow my (he)art, travel the world and make a documentary (or at least short character studies on video). But…in these past weeks of preparation, every time anybody told me how amazingly brave it is of me [...]

Today Is A Low Energy Day; Now What Do You Do?


Do you know those days where you wake up all ready to do, and create and have fun? But then you don't? Cause for some reason you've got this low energy thing going on? Last Saturday was such a day for me... I woke up at 7am, which was promising! I took a shower, washed my [...]

The Awkward Confessions Of A Relentless Perfectionist


Make mistakes? Me? What? No! Never! Because that would mean that I might’ve been wrong about something. And that just doesn’t happen…no seriously…it doesn’t! Although…there was that little incident yesterday… And there was that time when… And…well…actually there were loads of times… "Crap…" And just so you know, I seriously don’t care about things like [...]

When Thoughts Become Prison Guards; Dealing With Obsession


Ever get hyperobsessed with something? As in, the kind of obsession where you’re just not able to drop the habit no matter how bad you know it is for you? I do…and way more often than I'd like to admit... For the past couple of weeks (and almost the whole of last year), my obsession has been [...]