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4 Reasons To Start Embracing The Reality Of ‘Being You’


Do you remember what it felt like to go on a school trip? Weeks of excitement up front. Your little rucksack packed with all kinds of goodies and candies you normally wouldn’t get. The energy of an entire bus filled with children on a sugar and adventure rush and a couple of stressed out teachers [...]

How A Beggar In Mumbai Gave Me The Most Valuable Gift Ever


This is a lesson in humility. And empathy. And humanity. In knowing your place in life, in this world, and amongst human beings. And it all started when I was 2 days into a 3 month trip to India and Nepal back in 2010. Now, you need to know that the year before had been [...]

Good Intentions Are Useless: It’s My Vision That Moves Me Forward


Life’s quite funny isn’t it? Or actually, us human beings are. Like me, right now, writing this post on the very first day of my 14 month journey to who knows where. Having just left my amazing self-renovated self-decorated much loved house behind to intuitively travel the world, work on my blog, my business and [...]