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How It Is To Be Jasper Kok/Guru Gian; An Interview


How It Is To Be Guru Gian/Jasper Kok From looking and being 'normal' to feeling and being connected to the self and your mind; this conversation with my good friend Jasper hit all my favorite topics. Guru Gian's tip for more happiness and staying connected to yourself: Develop a relationship with your mind and ensure [...]

Who Am I? Who Should I Be? About The F*cked-Uppedness Of Identity


I have this new obsession. It is one that made my friends look at me with utter amazement and wonder if they’d ever really known me at all. It is one that is making me stare in the mirror and ask myself: "Who am I?" Because my obsession is….[insert drumroll here]…watching makeup and beauty vloggers [...]

How It Is To Be A Woman In Today’s World


It took me some tears and a spontaneous call with a friend to get there but I finally found clarity on what it means to me to be a woman. Hint: like with most things in (my) life, it's not always easy but it sure is interesting!

Being Happy Is Highly Overrated. Or Is It?


“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” - the Dalai Lama I’m personally not a big follower of guru’s and (often times only so-called) spiritual leaders but when the personification of Yoda tells me that the key to life is being happy, then I’m first in line to give that hypothesis a go. And so [...]

What I Talk About When I Talk About World Peace


Here we go with vlog #2. It's still scary. It's still a bit awkward. And the lens I used made my face look weird but's me talking about what I talk about when I talk about WORLD PEACE. And no matter my silly insecurities and hangups; there's really nothing that matters to me more! [...]

Don’t you think that maybe…you want too much?


“Don’t you think that want too much?” he asked, completely and utterly unaware of the violent rage he would only barely escape from in the next minute. Because with all my peace-loving intentions, it took just about everything I had to NOT beat him to death with my flip-flop right then and there. You [...]