Stop Normalization And Start Living Your Own Life And Truth

“But…it’s probably just me being difficult…as usual.” She casually said after an hour-long tearful rant about all the horrors she was enduring with her more than narcissistic and egotistical boss. “But you know…it’s okay; I’m used to it now. It is what it is.” he said after the umptieth gut-wrenching description of the latest developments of the reorganization at the bank he worked at. Hearing stories like these, and combining them with the latest developments on the political front (which I follow with maniacal and masochistic obsessiveness by the way) I’ve begun doubting myself on that what I consider to [...]

About Christmas, War, And Choosing Your Own Inner Peace

“Every idiot who goes about with 'Merry Christmas' on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. He should!” ― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol Now, don’t get me wrong; Christmas is great! The little sparkling lights, the nostalgy-inducing songs, the markets with all the cinnamon-y smells and hand-knitted sweaters, the adorably cheesy movies, the cheeky flashbacks to that wickedly wild Wham video; it’s all very brilliant! Over our lives, we’ve been bombarded with enough Christmas propaganda to know that Christmas time stands for love, and peace, and family, and all things good and pretty. And [...]

How To Peace Out, Deal With Stress, And Stop Scaring Little Children

“Excuuuse me, but this is definitely MY side of the street.” I bitchily scowled at the girl who had cut her corner so sharp that I had to drastically hit the brakes on my bike and come to a full standstill. All this went down right at the bottom of a bridge over one of the Amsterdam canals. Meaning I actually had to ‘climb’ for at least a full 3 seconds before being at full bike speed again. SIGH, FML RIGHT!? Oh how I wish the torture had ended there, but alas, I was doomed to be right behind a newbie in my very busy Ashtanga [...]

How To Make World Peace Happen In A Trumpian World

Evan Vucci/Associated Press So...the world just got Trumped... The very human fear (accompanied by his bff anger) of that what is different than what we know, turned out to be much stronger than we wanted to believe only a few days ago. Whether this was due to the media portraying the wrong images, Facebook filtering in the most convenient possible way, or, and this is more likely, us trying to bury our heads in the sand like the scared little ostriches that we apparently are. Why? Well, because we'd rather not admit to that what we'd rather not [...]

Don’t you think that maybe…you want too much?

“Don’t you think that want too much?” he asked, completely and utterly unaware of the violent rage he would only barely escape from in the next minute. Because with all my peace-loving intentions, it took just about everything I had to NOT beat him to death with my flip-flop right then and there. You see, we were just talking about this little book I’ve been writing for the past year called ‘The Everyday Guide To World Peace’. And though it’s barely 20 pages long, it’s the culmination of everything I’m working for (and why I haven’t written anything else [...]

How It Is To Be Charly: The Making Of

Have you met Charly? He shares his love for Tai Chi, Taoism and personal growth in this third How It Is To Be You video. Though architect by education and profession he's now at a turning point in his life and about to truly follow his passion and study Taoism and Tai Chi in the Wudang mountains of China after which he will open up his own Tai Chi school in his hometown Vienna. Here's the video that answers how it is to be Charly:     Who is Charly? Charly (real name Karl) is a 43 year old architect living [...]

How It Is To Be Michal: The Making Of

Have you met Michal? The second How It Is To Be You video stars him, his beautiful family and the paper mill that is his passion and calling. This is the story of a man that has made a very brave and conscious decision to follow his heart and see his son grow up by quitting his managerial job at the main bank of the Czech Republic and start a paper mill from scratch. Here's the video:   Who is Michal?   Michal is 39 years old and lives in Zdislana, a tiny village near the city of Liberec in the [...]

The Awesome Lessons I Learned From Being Stood Up, Ghosted And Downright Rejected…

I've been ghosted the other day. Stood up, ignored, pariah’d, the thing Amish folk do to people who break their church vows. And I've had a hard time dealing with it... Let's start by saying this is not the first time I've been a ghostee. It's happened before, and I'm sure it will happen again. But...that doesn't mean I agree with the phenomenon. The one that seems to spread like wildfire in the dating scene and becomes ever more pervasive the more we 'connect' through our led lit devices and less through actual human interaction. I'm not talking about friendships [...]

How It Is To Be Miss Tobi: The Making of

Have you met Miss Tobi? (S)he’s the main character of the very first How It Is To Be You video portrait and am I ever grateful for it! I could not have found a sweeter and more Berlin person than her and am very proud of the work we did together. The little film is filled with insights into her life and the way she chooses to live it. Here's a hint: she does so with a lot of balls! 🙂   In case you missed the video, here it is:     Want to know more? Read on: Who is [...]

How To Take A Compliment With Grace. And Really Truly Mean It!

Ah yes, the compliment... A human paradox if there ever was one: we spend our entire lives chasing personal recognition and acknowledgement but are seemingly unable to actually receive it...such a tragedy. I mean honestly, how many times has a scenario that looked a little like the following happened in your life? Friend: "Wow, you look great in that dress!" You: "What this old thing? I found it for €2 in the bin of a thrift shop and it makes me look fat. But hey, so do all my other clothes 🙁 " Friend: "No seriously, it's a great look for you!" [...]