Here’s What Happens When An Extraverted Introvert Pushes Her Boundaries A Little Too Far

I really do consider myself an introvert. And a highly sensitive one at that. But, I'm also ever so curious about life and places and people and love the sense of adventure and excitement that comes from being 'outside'. Right now, there could not be more adventure in my life. Literally! It’s an odd thing to 'suddenly' live a life in a different country, a new and hectic city, all new people and all new (documentary making) skills. This (sort of) digital nomad style life, is nothing like what my life was like a few months ago and I love [...]

About Moving Mountains, 1 Babystep At A Time

It was day 9 of my 2 week trek around the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal and I was standing at the foot of yet another steep climb. The last and biggest of that day. My hiking mates had all preceded me and were climbing the snowy and barely there path with the elegance and spring of mountain goats. And me, well…I just stood there…lacking all my usual strength, bravado and positivity and feeling the agony of 12 giant blisters, a severe lack of oxygen and the physical and mental exhaustion that comes from walking up and down the Himalaya landscape [...]

Insecurity & Judgment…Go Away, You Sneaky Little Bastards!

When you pack up your bags and step into a new adventure you know that all sorts of emotions and feelings will pop up at one point or another. And that’s perfectly fine because that’s part of life, of travelling and definitely part of the fun. But for the first 2 weeks of my stay in Berlin something popped up that I had not expected: Insecurity about the way I look, and therefore about the way I am. As a woman, or perhaps as a human being, this is not the first time I’ve had to deal with this particular [...]

About Overwhelm And Comfort Zone; Shit Just Got Real!

Okay…I might’ve underestimated things a little bit… I knew it was going to be big…but as it goes with plans that feel right on every level…you tend to mainly see the big picture and happily shove away thoughts about details until they’re there. Well, they’re there! And it’s because I’m learning something completely new; documentary making. Luckily I’m not a complete fool and wouldn’t go out in the world completely unprepared, which is why I’m now in Berlin doing a documentary making course for 2 months. It’s all kinds of fantastic but the details of the actually doing it are now [...]

Mistakes Are Just Life Lessons In Disguise. Seriously!

I've just started my brand new adventure of leaving my house, business career and friends & family behind to follow my (he)art, travel the world and make a documentary (or at least short character studies on video). But…in these past weeks of preparation, every time anybody told me how amazingly brave it is of me to do this I couldn’t do more than nod and smile. You know, like you do when you want to remain polite and acknowledge the compliment but you don't really believe it. And that's what’s so odd about this, it's not that I don't believe [...]

Today Is A Low Energy Day; Now What Do You Do?

Do you know those days where you wake up all ready to do, and create and have fun? But then you don't? Cause for some reason you've got this low energy thing going on? Last Saturday was such a day for me... I woke up at 7am, which was promising! I took a shower, washed my hair, brushed my teeth and everything...even more promising... But then I tried to do my 20 minute morning meditation and gave up after 5... Not a good sign but it happens… And of course I allow myself to not always be superproductive even when I [...]

The Awkward Confessions Of A Relentless Perfectionist

Make mistakes? Me? What? No! Never! Because that would mean that I might’ve been wrong about something. And that just doesn’t happen…no seriously…it doesn’t! Although…there was that little incident yesterday… And there was that time when… And…well…actually there were loads of times… "Crap…" And just so you know, I seriously don’t care about things like forgetting to pay taxes, getting lost or even accidentally dying my hair bright orange like I did a few weeks ago…those types of mistakes slide from my mind like dates used to do in history class. No, it’s those ‘human’ mistakes that truly get to [...]

When Thoughts Become Prison Guards; Dealing With Obsession

Ever get hyperobsessed with something? As in, the kind of obsession where you’re just not able to drop the habit no matter how bad you know it is for you? I do…and way more often than I'd like to admit... For the past couple of weeks (and almost the whole of last year), my obsession has been all about social media likes and shares and blog subscriptions. And it’s as bad as me checking all the social media apps and emails as soon as I wake up. Literally! And even though I’ve got this morning yoga and meditation routine going on, I’m [...]

4 Reasons To Start Embracing The Reality Of ‘Being You’

Do you remember what it felt like to go on a school trip? Weeks of excitement up front. Your little rucksack packed with all kinds of goodies and candies you normally wouldn’t get. The energy of an entire bus filled with children on a sugar and adventure rush and a couple of stressed out teachers to spur you on. It’s a very buzzing and awake feeling. And it doesn’t go away until the end of the trip because that’s the benefit of being a kid isn’t it…you’re not burdened with yesterday or tomorrow…there’s just excitement now. As adults, we have a whole [...]

How A Beggar In Mumbai Gave Me The Most Valuable Gift Ever

This is a lesson in humility. And empathy. And humanity. In knowing your place in life, in this world, and amongst human beings. And it all started when I was 2 days into a 3 month trip to India and Nepal back in 2010. Now, you need to know that the year before had been quite dramatic and filled with a heavy break-up, a deeper depression than I’d had known so far, the buying and single handedly renovating of my house AND working 70 hour weeks (with that same ex). It wasn’t a good year… It was one filled with [...]