The Chatbadge is a simple gadget that helps increase social engagement (or block it if it is not wanted), making your workplace a nicer and potentially more useful place to be.

What it is:

  • A very low tech but highly effective solution to increase social interaction in offices, co-working spaces, and freelance friendly cafes.
  • Print (and/or send) it as a postcard, cut out the 2 circles, fold together, and place on any laptop.
  • Rotate according to mood.
  • The chatbadge can, of course, be re-used over and over again.

How to make the Chatbadge work:

  • Simply use it whenever you’re in the office or in a co-working space.
  • Hand them out to friends, colleagues, and co-workers, or send them as a friendly marketing gadget to your business relations.
  • Make them part of a ‘Welcome to the space’ package.
  • Add positive encouragement and exemplary leadership and let positive and meaningful connections grow and flourish.
Immediately download the free version or buy the vector file and adapt it to your brand
Chatbadge HIITBY

The chatbadge with ‘How It Is to Be You’ branding colours and logo (including the ‘How Is It To Be You?’ question)

The vector file of the Chatbadge for customising. You’ll also get the JPEG files of the original postcard for reference.


Mind you: you’ll get digital files only. No physical product will be shipped. Printing can be done at home, at your local copyshop, or by the many online printing services available (I like