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Figure out where you are right now, where you want to be, and let me guide you whilst you travel the treacherous road that gets you there.

Sometimes…sometimes you find yourself overcome with ‘is-this-it?-itis’…

It’s a peculiar yet surprisingly common human condition in which you suddenly come to a complete standstill, look around your life, your mind, and your heart, and, filled with anxious bewilderment, ask yourself: “What the f*ck? How is it that my life ended up here?”

Common symptoms of is-this-it-itis are (but are not limited to):

  • Dreading getting out of bed and going to work every single day.
  • Feeling iffy and uncomfortable in some of your most important relationships (work, family, friends, romance).
  • Feeling stressed out, anxious, resentful, and low on energy on a daily basis.
  • Snapping at all sorts of people even though they really didn’t do anything wrong (and feeling bummed about doing so).
  • Running around and doing all the things you think you should be doing while your big fancypants dreams and desires slowly fade away in the background.
  • Realizing your life is at a complete and utter standstill whilst not knowing how to get back to a forward moving flow.

It’s not great…and it could become chronic if you don’t do something about it!

But…if you’re ready to say “HEEEELL NO!” to this lack of inner and outer peace… If you’re ready to not look back in regret and frustration but forward with love and hope… If you’re really ready to take responsibility for your own life into your own 2 hands…

Then there’s definitely a cure that will help you build a life bigger and better than you could have ever imagined!


The mentoring program is designed to help you get the very best out of the Design Your Life technique. And the technique to design your life is simple: to help you move from where you are now and practically get you to where you want to be.

Of course, all the details of the technique can be found in the Design Your Life Roadmap; a book you may or may not have read yet.

But…and this is why the mentoring program exists: it’s extremely difficult to find your own patterns and blind spots. It’s even harder to push through your own stubbornness and limiting beliefs and get to the very sensitive core of you. The core that wants positive change to happen sooo much but that has a lifetime of thoughts, feelings, and habits to wrestle with first. And, practically speaking, it can be incredibly difficult to see the trees through the forest and make practical forward change happen when you’re on your own.

The Design Your Life Mentoring Program is a 6-month online program in which:

✓The groundwork for the design of your life is laid.

✓You are inspired and nudged you to go deeper into yourself than you could have done on your own (and go further because of it).

✓You are supported and guided with the practical implementation of all your plans.

In other words, the program will help you connect the left and the right hemisphere of your brain, and give you all the knowledge, insights, experience, and support you need to make your best life happen.

I’m here to help you. To guide you through this difficult process. To see what you’re not seeing. To ask the questions you’re too afraid to ask yourself. To help you say NO to that what is not acceptable to you now. To help you dream big. To push you forward. To help you back up when you fall down in your first attempts. To help you define your own path. To kick your ass when you’re slacking. To help you make feelings and thoughts tangible and real. To get you waay beyond what’s comfortable to you now. To advise you with all things practical.

To not judge you but understand and support you because I’ve been there!

Grab life, your life,  by the balls and start living it with inner peace and forward moving flow.


  • 3-Hour Intensive Starter Session (in week 1 after you’ve read the Design Your Life Roadmap):

    • In this intense Skype session, we will walk through the Design Your Life technique back to front and lay the groundwork for designing your life.
    • I will challenge, nudge, and guide you through the process so you know exactly WHY you’re moving forward, WHAT you’re moving towards to and, most importantly, HOW to do so.
  • 2×2-Hour ‘Let’s Get Real’ Sessions (in the first month):

    • These Skype sessions will dive deeper in the ‘making sh*t real’ part of the process.
    • I’ll help you get as practical and actionable as possible, kick your ass where necessary, and motivate you to let go of old patterns and fears so you can go bigger and bolder than you ever imagined.
  • 1-Hour Follow-Up Sessions (once a month for 5 months):

    • This is your monthly check-in on Skype to ensure you’ve not drifted off trying to catch rainbows and unicorns instead of doing the work that’s required to Design Your Life.
    • In these sessions, we’ll tackle whatever it is you need help with; from the very practical to the deeply emotional.
  • 2×1-Hour Emergency Sessions (throughout the 6 months):

    • Whenever you find yourself in a pickle. Whenever you feel frustrated and out of control. Whenever you simply HAVE to get some fresh perspective. That’s what these emergency Skype sessions are for.
    • Whatever is required to talk you off the ledge or give you a turbo boost; together we’ll make it happen!
  • Access to be by email:

    • For emergency questions and big decisions, you can always reach me by email (within good reason of course…).
  • Weekly motivational nudges and challenges:

    • It’s not easy to design your life! That’s why I’ll send you a gentle, motivational, yet obvious nudge in the right direction every single week.
    • No big love letters to read or endless videos to watch; just to the point messages that help you keep going.
  • Personalized Session Summaries:

    • You’ll receive the video of our (Skype-) call as well as a to-the-point summary of that what we’ve discussed after every session.
  • The Design Your Life Roadmap:

    • Of course you’ll receive the book the entire program is based on. In fact, it’s the very first thing you’ll find in your inbox after clicking ‘YES’!
  • My Knowledge, Experience, and Network:

    • I have a vast network and knowledge base on all sorts of topics that might be very relevant to you and I’m happy to use it where appropriate.
    • Whether you’re looking for a designer, a business plan template, a great yoga teacher, or anything else; I’m happy to recommend whom- and whatever makes the most sense in relation to you.
  • My Divine Inspirations:

    • It often happens that I find just the right book/article for you to read whilst browsing the net for myself. Or that I think of the most brilliant person you must talk to when I’m in a down head dog. Or that the perfect solution for that question that’s been bothering you pops up in my head while I’m cruising through Amsterdam on my bike. All these divine inspirations will, of course, find their way to your inbox or into our next talk immediately!

Make sure life that doesn’t just happen to you. Instead, live a life that you make happen!


Linda CoussementI offer intelligence, emotional empathy, LOTS of life-, coaching- and mentoring- experience, a strong business side rooted in over 14 years of experience, a well developed and grounded spiritual side and a whole lotta heart and humor when it comes to all things human…

But mainly…I offer my superpower; my ability to get to the bottom of things very very fast. And the bottom is usually a nasty, stinking hole of emotional and spiritual dirt on the one hand and a bright shining light of human potential on the other.

I see, and feel, both. And I see, and feel, all the layers you’ve put in place to cover it all up and have no problem in pointing all these things out to you (and help you shed them).

In the most loving way possible of course!

In my mentoring, I’ll only go as fast as you’re able to go and make sure I don’t cross any boundaries. But…I’m also very honest, very open and very direct. I don’t beat around the bush, don’t sugarcoat and am not there to tell you what you want to hear.

So if you’re up for that…if you’re really ready to let your fears NOT stop you from moving forward, then I’m definitely there for you!

Important to know: I am not the person to go to when you’re worried you’re dealing with severe mental illness. We could, however, easily make it part of the design of your life to talk to a therapist to help you through some big, and specific, issues.

To design your life means to strap on a hefty set of (lady)balls and face whatever challenges you come across right in the eye. And deal with them like a motherf*ing BOSS.


  • If you’re ready to click the big red ‘BUY’ button below, you’ll be sent to a site called ‘Gumroad’ where you can finish the payment and get the Design Your Life Roadmap.
  • If you’re not able to pay in 1 go, send an email to and we’ll set up a tiered payment system.
  • The moment I see your payment come in, I will send you a welcome email with some introductory information and a link to schedule an introduction meeting.
  • If any one of us feels like we should not continue the mentoring program after the introduction session; you’ll get a full refund. no questions asked.
  • At the end of our introduction session, we’ll schedule the 3-hour Starter session. And schedule the second session after that one. And so on.
  • I’m only able to mentor a limited number of people at a time; if I’m up to my max, the ‘BUY’ button will become a ‘WAITLIST’ button until my time frees up again.
  • If you would like to get to know me before making the big decision; schedule a 30-minute introduction call with the button below.
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Stop waiting for life to happen to you.
Go make it happen for you.

And let me help you do so…


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