“Don’t you think that maybe…you want too much?” he asked, completely and utterly unaware of the violent rage he would only barely escape from in the next minute.

Because with all my peace-loving intentions, it took just about everything I had to NOT beat him to death with my flip-flop right then and there.

You see, we were just talking about this little book I’ve been writing for the past year called ‘The Everyday Guide To World Peace’. And though it’s barely 20 pages long, it’s the culmination of everything I’m working for (and why I haven’t written anything else these past months). It’s the outcome of me going all Gandalf in the deepest recesses of my heart and mind, purposefully searching out all my gnarly inner demons and challenging each of them to a bare-knuckle fight. And WIN!


In other words, this little book of mine is pretty fuckin’ big for me!

(It’ll be free for all but it’ll take a few more weeks to get everything sorted and release it.)

If you would ask me if wanting World Peace’ is maybe just a little bit too much…then I would wholeheartedly agree with you.

Just as much as I would agree with you that it is a bit too much if it was my dream of dreams to look like Irina Shayk (who Amy Schumer refers to as ‘the most bangable human being’ ever) and date Bradley Cooper…



World peace is not the end goal. The end goal is to break the taboo around introspection, self-reflection, and human pain and to make emotional hygiene and acknowledging and embracing every aspect of being human as common as brushing your teeth twice daily is.

And that’s not too much to want and work for. Not even a little bit!

Is it?

No, I hereby decree that it isn’t.


Even though I think it’s not too much to want…it’s a scary thing nonetheless. It’s new, it’s different, it’s personal, and it’s ginormous.

So to express my feelings on the scariness of it all to someone and to instead of receiving support in whatever way, shape or form hear that ‘I might be wanting too much’ is the recipe for ferocious temper tantrums from my side.

Of course, I didn’t actually get violent…instead I did what I preach and stepped in the other’s shoes for a little bit and understood that he was only saying this from the perspective of what is ‘normal’ in his world and mind. I also realized that he always says the first thing that pops into his head without thinking or considering the other person’s perspective. And with that, I was quickly able to diffuse the time bomb I had just turned into.

Whoopa grown-up style! Whoop whoop whoop whoop!

But…it did make me realize something else…namely how easy it is to NOT do something big and/or beyond the norm and to continue feeling and acting small. Traditional. Like ‘you’re supposed to’. Safe. Comfortable.

And utterly utterly boring and bored.

Sometimes because others keep us down, but mostly because we let them…

An example to illustrate the point:

To all the single men and ladies…how often have you heard that your standards are too high when it comes to dating? And I don’t mean just randomly dating for the sake of filling an empty Friday night but actual DATING.

The type that makes you all giggly, flushed and flustered and that makes your freakin’ toes curl! The type that makes you absolutely luuuurve that book you previously thought was sooo pretentious just because they love it. The type that slowly turns into something that is meaningful, real, honest, open and raw at the same time. The type that continuously keeps you on your toes on an emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual level. The type that so completely aligns with you and the life you live for that together, things just explode.

The type that only comes by a few times in a lifetime. If we’re lucky…

Don’t you want that type of dating?

“Don’t you think that maybe…you want too much?”

No. No! Because although there’s obviously chemistry and timing involved, if you’re working hard to keep yourself on your toes on all levels, to open your mind and heart to new experiences and insights, and if you’re meaningful, real, honest, open, and raw with yourself…then why would you settle for comfort over fireworks and not expect any of these things from a significant other?

Same goes for the way you live the rest of your life for that matter…

Why should you continue to work in a toxic office environment just because that’s what’s been imprinted in your brain all of your life? Why not go and pursue other options if you feel in your gutsiest of guts that your current situation is not good for you (just like I feel the pursuit of ‘World Peace’ is what I simply have to do as the current state of the world is unacceptable to me)?

Why not design a life that wins on all levels? That is in alignment with your talents, your skills, your thoughts, your feelings, your dreams, your desires around freedom and family whilst not denying nor forgetting any of the practical elements that play a part in your life.

Why not design a life that is completely and utterly you?

“Don’t you think that maybe…you want too much?”

Hell no!

The moment you’re prepared to learn and grow and ask questions and figure out the answers…the moment you’re willing to fight those inner demons and explore the treasures they’ve been hiding from you…the moment you’re willing to challenge that what you’ve previously thought to be true…the moment you’re able to not let that what scares you stop you (despite the lack of support you might experience), is the moment your life becomes your life.

“Don’t you think that maybe…you want too much?”

No, sir, I really don’t!