Inspiring, motivating, and deeply moving; ‘How it is to be you’ speaking engagements are above all an experience.

The talks consist of stories, experiences, questions to and from the audience, and relatable lessons in life. Most of all, the talks don’t preach, nor do they follow any bullet points. Instead, they add to the insight that we’re all ‘just’ human beings doing the best we can and aim to renew the celebration of just that fact.

Whether you are a business pursuing to improve employee connection and involvement, an institution looking to give its people a boost in motivation, or an event aimed at the personal development of its attendees; people will always walk away from the talks filled with renewed energy and wonder.

The speaking engagements can be made to measure the purpose and agenda of your event and can be given in Dutch or English. For a customized proposition, leave your contact details below so we can hop on Skype and go over your specific details.


There is no hidden political, philosophical, or religious agenda. The workshops are not soft or ‘up in the air’. But, they can get very personal and they will not shy away from heavier emotions if these arise from the group.

If you’re ready to:

  • Answer the question: “How is it to be you?”
  • Go on an interactive journey toward a renewed way of communicating.
  • And incorporate more meaning and connection between the left and right hemisphere of the brains of you and your team.

Then the fun 4-hour Peace workshops are definitely for you.

Leave your contact details below to get in touch and see how we customize these workshops to your wants and needs.


If you’d like a more complete approach to deepening the understanding and connection within your team; business consultancy is right for you.

We will always start with a workshop to assess where you are right now and where you, as a group, want to go. This ensures the team is on the same page right from the start and the baseline for positive change is established. A plan of approach will be created accordingly and can consist of a host of workshops and training sessions, very practical process improvements, or implementing systems to ensure improved communications. All in all, business consultancy provides an integrated approach and solution based on the wants and needs of the team.

Our ultimate goal in every project we do? To make ourselves redundant as soon as possible.

Get in touch using the form below so we can go over your specifics and create the best possible improvement plan together.


Good to know: I’m happy to travel but home base is in the Netherlands

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