How is it to be you?


Technically, I’m in the business of world peace. But…as this is a rather big endeavour that requires all of us to be at peace; I’m starting from the bottom-up.

‘How?’ Well, first and foremost by inspiring meaning through (philosophical but fun) literature and thought. My first novel is at the editor’s as we speak, but I also write short, philosofictional, stories that might just all add up to another full-blown novel…

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Stiletto Heels & Unconscious Truths (#1)

The television still hadn’t faded to dead black yet. Its gaping mouth in the mahogany veneered cabinet stared at her with an intent that made her feel guilty. Quickly, [...]

About Burning Out And Rising Up

I’ve been terribly lost these past months. Heaps of energy loss, mixed with a pinch of existential depression, and a whole lot of questions on what the hell is going [...]


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A little challenge…ask “How is it to be you?” to 3 people in the coming week.

And remember: it is not about trying to wiggle your way into the deepest crevices of someone’s soul…it’s simply about having a meaningful conversation. Just sit, listen, and keep an open heart and mind all throughout!


Linda Coussement

I’m on a purpose-driven mission to create more understanding, empathy, and compassion in the world.

I teach and inspire individuals and businesses to lead by example and am able to do so by combining 15+ years experience as a business and change consultant with more than 12+ years of extensive personal research and growth (including me asking 100’s of people “How is it to be you?”)

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