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Because wouldn’t the world your life look be a whole lot prettier better if we all understood each other a little bit better?

World Peace will not happen in one 4-hour workshop. And, I’m afraid to say, nor will Inner Peace.

Positive change does not come radically. Instead, it comes in little drips and drops. This workshop is designed to be one of those little drops that might just be the one to make the bucket of abundance flow over.

It will help participants to:

  • Understand themselves and each other a bit better
  • Improve their interpersonal communication
  • Increase self-awareness and mutual understanding
  • Reduce personal conflicts and friction
  • Be able to deal with frictions and conflicts in a meaningful and sustainable matter when they do arise

These workshops can be made to measure the group and is easily accessible to all types of people, of all types of ages and backgrounds.

how it is to be you


There is no hidden political, philosophical, or religious agenda. The workshops are not soft or ‘up in the air’. But, they can get very personal and they will not shy away from heavier emotions if these arise from the group.

If you’re ready to:

  • Answer the question: “How is it to be you?”
  • Go on an interactive journey towards a renewed way of communicating.
  • And incorporate more meaning and connection between the left and right hemisphere of the brains of you and your team.

Then the fun 4-hour World Peace workshops are definitely for you.

If you, however, feel that your business and team could benefit from more in-depth analysis and on-the-job consultancy and improvement on all things human and communication, then let’s talk and see how we can incorporate that in the best way possible.

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