The Land of the Blind & The One-Eyed Queen (#5)

‘Something’s not right,’ she said. ‘Something’s off.’ She sniffed the air. Twirled her fingers in the fluffy clouds. And closed her eyes to take a few deep breaths and gauge the truth in her feelings. ‘There’s something in the air,’ she said to the sparkling whirls surrounding her, ‘there’s something up with the humans.’  Her skin tingled with equal parts excitement and dread at that realization. At times, it was awfully lonely and boring on top of her mountain and in her homely cave. A change of pace would definitely be welcome. But, she thought, if this involves humans, [...]

Normal Boys & Fears for Being Crazy (#4)

He had sat at a dinner table. Eating potatoes. With a wife who had once been beautiful. And a daughter who seemed to await the same diminishing fate. It was dark in the room. And silent. There was not much to say anyway. All that had to be said had been in times past. The life they had lost. Their, unanswered, love for the wild ocean. There had been windows and doors in a red-roofed house leading them to the outside world and unexplored worlds. There had been love here once, he thought as he forked another bite and grief [...]

A Dome of Jewels & Practical Enlightening (#3)

The basket of fruits, veg, and assorted nuts, was patiently waiting for her to return from her swim. Not having been able to withstand the deliciously refreshing pinkish-greenish pastels of the water, she had carefully put the goods down and carelessly unwrapped herself from her purple dress and apron. Running up the rocks and taking flight as she gracefully jumped and dove in. Releasing herself from the worrisome things she had heard the trees talk about today. Deep gratitude for life and living washed over her when the water did. She waved and laughed at her many underwater friends [...]

Sitting on Hills & Ignoring Forever-Worries (#2)

Something’s not right, he thought. Something’s not right at all. Surprised by a sudden fright, he frantically looked around in an attempt to find out what was causing his distress. Though he very well knew it was caused by his own atypical actions. From his spot, sitting on top of the hill, with vast wastelands behind him, he had a perfect view of the city. It wasn’t the only city on the planet he knew, but all he knew, was this one. Towers as high as the sky rose up in front of him. Grey, they were because the scientists [...]

Stiletto Heels & Unconscious Truths (#1)

The television still hadn’t faded to dead black yet. Its gaping mouth in the mahogany veneered cabinet stared at her with an intent that made her feel guilty. Quickly, unable to look at the cruel beast any longer, she stood up and closed the sliding doors. Hiding it away from the world. Her world. High heels ticking on the marbled white floor. One, two, three ticks, and she was back on the ragged couch. Hands folded in her lap. She sighed. Even though the lonely light bulb hanging from the ceiling barely illuminated the dank living room, she stared into [...]