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Though both hemispheres of my brain are highly developed, most of my life is spent making sure they talk to one another. The left and the right. The heart and the mind. The male and the female. The love and the fear. 

Meaning lies in contrast. Not in the running away of the dark. Not in the endless pursuit of the light. We’re here, somewhere in the middle. All of us. And that’s okay.

It took a while though, for the brainy part of my brain to catch up on this. For years, I’ve tried capturing the concept of meaning (together with its siblings empathy, compassion, connection, and peace) in something that made sense. That was tangible. That could be packaged up and shipped. But, of course, and it took me two years of empathetic burn-out to get there, it couldn’t. And shouldn’t.

Which brings us back to what ‘how it is to be you’ and my work is all about.

1. Inspiring meaning through (philosophical but fun) literature and thought

    • My first novel (working title: CONTRAST), is at the editor’s as we speak.
      It’s about a man who has nothing to hold onto in life as he’s been dead for thirty years. With the help of two neighbours and the magical garden he is in, he learns to uncover the thoughts and feelings he has been hiding from himself. All, to slowly unburden himself towards enlightenment. Sign up for the newsletter to find out more as it progresses towards publishing.
    • Philosofiction offers a nudge toward meaningful introspection.
      Bi-weekly, short, fictional stories around a philosophical theme for you to ponder on (or not). The stories are stand-alone, but might just all end up being scenes adding up to a full-blown novel… Inspiration comes from real life, from people, from art, from music, from anything… An I am open to suggestions and collaborations. Sign up to get these nuggets in your inbox.
    • The printable ‘How Is It To Be You?’ poster acts as your daily reminder for meaningful reflection.
      It’s pretty, it’s provocative, and it just needs to hang on your wall (or refrigerator, or sit in your wallet, or be next to your laptop, or…). More details and easy purchase on this page.

2. Experiencing meaning through real-world connection

    • Book me for speaking engagements, workshops, or consultancy projects (The Netherlands/Europe only).
      Deepen understanding and connection within your business/team through highly interactive and inspiring collaborative experiences. My +15 years of (corporate) business consultancy makes it easy to customise any proposition to your unique situation. More details to be found on this page. If you’d like to see all my professional details in 1 row, here’s me on LinkedIn.
    • Download the (free) Chatbadge to make it easier to connect with colleagues and/or fellow co-workers.
      The Chatbadge (printed as a postcard and easily cut out to create a little gadget to sit on a corner of your laptop) opens the conversation, making the working space a nicer and potentially more useful place to be. Go to this page for a free download or a customisable vector file.

3. Making World Peace happen one person at a time

    • Buy and download the Design Your Life Roadmap
      It’s an insanely practical step-by-step ebook to help you grab life by the balls and start living it with inner peace and forward moving flow. You’ll find more information and the ‘buy’ button right on this page.
    • Download the (free) ‘Everyday Guide to World Peace’
      A small booklet that wonders why peace is so hard to achieve when the formula to it is so simple (spoiler alert: understanding = empathy = compassion = peace). Download it right here.
    • By asking all sorts of people, all around the world, one single question: ‘How Is It To Be You?’
      For a full year (2015/2016), I’ve travelled across Europe in my wonky car and asked over a 100 people this very question. Some, I’ve recorded. Others, I’ve photographed. Most, I just let be in the moment. All, taught me priceless lessons. Read more…