Project Description

How it is to be Adel“It is sometimes boring and sometimes exciting to be me, it depends on the timing. It’s exciting when I create stuff and when I meet interesting people. If there’s nothing, I am not exciting, I am boring and I don’t talk.

I am always looking around, always looking for new things and new ideas and I love to recycle things. I hate it when people throw things away that can still be used or made into something else.

Luckily there’s now a large number of people here in Greece that is helping each other out like that and working together for the benefit of all.

Greece went through a long period of individualism in the 80s and 90s but now, after the crisis, people realise they can’t do it alone so they begin to work with each other without benefit but just to help someone else and through that help themselves. This happens with money, with stuff, with work. We help each other with the skills that we have.”

Adel – the creative wood- and metalworker and thrift store owner from Algeria (met while he was drinking coffee in George’s cafe)