Project Description

How it is to be George“I don’t know what to tell you, it’s easy to be me.

I have owned the bar for 6 years and it’s difficult because I work alone all day. I open at 06:30 in the morning, I host theater, I make food, I make cocktails, everything. So I don’t have time for me, no personal time, that’s the bad thing about this. But because I’m a workaholic I feel good, I feel nice that this is my life. I’m happy with the life I live.

Because I work a lot with tourists, the business is doing really well, even in this bad Greek economy. A few years ago it was difficult with the demonstrations and problems but you get used to live like this.

I actually think this is an opportunity for us to give more to friends and family because money and all these things…you think you’re happy when you have more, but you’re not.”

George – the owner of the Chandelier Bar in Athens (who I met because I came to watch a play being performed there)