Project Description

IMG_7875-copyI’d say, so far I’m really happy with who I am.
I’m a happily married woman with 2 kids and a loving husband. He’s very supportive of me in this job (in the car rental and tourism business). Some people feel it’s not a job for women, but he has the confidence and trust in me that I can do it. Most Botswana men are supportive like that because we all need to work hard.
I really like my work too. I meet a lot of people from many different cultures and get to learn a lot; how people do things in America, how people do things in Norway. That alone is like a privilege. So I’m really proud of what I’m doing now!
I’ve never been in many countries, but so far I’ve never thought of going anywhere else but Botswana, which is a happy country to live in. I’m a happy Botswana!
Sengelinah – Kasane, Botswana (and who rented me a 4WD)