Project Description

How it is to be Sofia“It’s not very easy to be me because, although I had a very good life and childhood, I am very sensitive to human pain, to animals and to injustice in a way that is above average.

I would like to get rid of that suffering because it has been that way ever since I was a child. I deal with it by expressing it in every way I can. Sometimes I cry a lot. Sometimes I can not do anything for a couple of days and I stay at home. I go through 24 or 48 hours of depression and then it’sokay again and you move on.

It’s useless to fight it by pretending that everything is okay. That just makes things worse and makes me feel like a crazy person.

People usually tell me that I’m exaggerating, but, as I’m used to this now, I don’t really care. And sometimes people are right, sometimes I do exaggerate but this is sometimes also the way to liberate all those things that I’m feeling.

Of course there are millions of people around the world that have really hard problems, difficult and maybe unsolved and unsolvable problems. I am very much aware of the pain, the misery and the hunger that goes on with the 80% of the total population on earth and that this does not compare but this is my difficult part.

I don’t know if this is normal but I try to integrate it into my life. It is how it is.”

Sofia – the thrift store owner from Athens, Greece (who I met in George’s bar when I was doing his portrait)