Project Description

vincentI lived in Paris for 40 years and I love it but there are too many people…no space, no wildlife, no animals… I also liked my job as an IT consultant but after 20 years I was simply fed up with it and wanted to do something really different in my life. So my wife Julie and I decided to move to Botswana, a country we had loved coming to for many years now.

We are happy here because this is exactly what we wanted. Even though it’s sometimes difficult because we are far away from friends and family. And of course it’s very different from living in Paris; Kasane is very remote, and things go a lot slower here in Africa. But it’s nice, it’s nice to be cool and peaceful.

Vincent – The Frenchman and former IT consultant living in Kasane, Botswana (with his wife, his cat, and wild elephants in his backyard)