Project Description

How it is to be JohnActually, these days it’s really difficult to be me. Because I am being something that I don’t want to be in order to pay the bills.

If I’m being me than I’d be doing scientific research every single day. Then I wouldn’t be doing street performance. I would invent a washing machine that can dry the clothes within seconds after washing them. And use technologies from the pyramids of Bosnia to trick seeds to grow in a different month than they’re supposed to.

It would not be about making money but instead I would like to live in a society where we are working for the benefit of mankind rather than for the benefit of ourselves. As long as we have money existent, we’re working for the benefit of ourselves, which defeats the object of humanity. Which is to work together.

How can we work together if we’re all fighting for our survival?

John – the Scottish street performing scientist (met in the streets of Athens)