Project Description

How it is to be Kenny“It is simply awesome to be me right now! I get to travel the world, see things a lot of people don’t see but most importantly, I made a decision to step out of my comfort zone, to leave my corporate life and follow my dreams.

I took the decision because of my friend who suddenly died of leukaemia. I was drinking with him one week and 2 weeks later I was seeing his dead body lying in a coffin. A guy that drinks less than me, smokes less than me, exercises more than me can just pass away like this at my age. And looking at his dead body I was crying like a baby and asking him ‘what is your dream?’.

And suddenly it hit me, what is my dream? It is to travel the world and that’s what made me embark on this journey.”

Kenny – the stockbroker turned world traveler from Singapore
(met in a hostel near Meteora, Greece)