Project Description

How it is to be Sanne“I used to work in the international criminal field in the Netherlands but as I’m half Greek, I wanted to learn what it’s like to live there. So I moved after I turned 30 and started a business as an intermediary for suppliers, product designers and concept stores.

Being an entrepreneur means going through periods of financial instability. This makes me question on a regular basis if I can still continue to follow my dream or not. This leads to an internal battle between my emotions and my rationality because in how far is something realistic and how do you decide on that?

Luckily, things have changed for the better financially and I’m positive, because I’ve learned that in the end everything will turn out just fine. There will always be things that go wrong but there are many unexpected positive impulses too. So it’s best to just go with that what feels right for me right now.

It’s rather complicated to be me, because I want too many things at the same time. But I want to live the life I want to live. Whatever I do, I do for myself. Even if this means not taking the common or easy road.”

Sanne – the half-Dutch/half-Greek entrepreneur (met in the Orange Grove co-working space and incubator, Athens)