Low energyDo you know those days where you wake up all ready to do, and create and have fun?

But then you don’t?

Cause for some reason you’ve got this low energy thing going on?

Last Saturday was such a day for me…

I woke up at 7am, which was promising!

I took a shower, washed my hair, brushed my teeth and everything…even more promising…

But then I tried to do my 20 minute morning meditation and gave up after 5…

Not a good sign but it happens…

And of course I allow myself to not always be superproductive even when I plan to do, because that’s not how our bodies and minds work. Meaning I didn’t think of it too much and just went with it for a little bit.

So I decided to have my glutenfree muesli with soy yoghurt (I know…) in bed whilst watching the latest episode of the Graham Norton show (always epic).

And after I’d finished my yoghurt I figured it would be wise for me to finish that bar of dark chocolate I still had so I could start my planned detox (again, I know…) without any temptations lying around.

Anywho, long story short…before noon I’d watched 3 full Graham Norton episodes, ate the chocolate and topped it off with some more liquorice and was listlessly lying around on my bed in front of an open door (thank heavens for the sun) with super low energy…definitely not enough to create, be productive or even to go outside.

And I wasn’t feeling comfortable enough to happily wallow in a lazy day either…

Now I’m sure there are enough people with families and partners out there who would murder for a lazy day like that, but that’s not part of my life at the moment.

And I’m also sure that there are many people out there who would think it way too weird to not have a Saturday filled to the brim with social engagements, but as I’m quite the introvert (and a little bit of a workaholic), that’s not my life either.

But no matter who you are, where you are in the world or what your life looks like, I’m sure that you too experience times like these where there’s not really any concrete reason to feel this gloomy low energy mood hanging over you, except for the fact that it’s apparently just there.

For now at least.

There are a couple of questions I usually ask myself when I’m feeling like this that help me get more clarity on what’s going on and what to do next (and no worries, you can silently ask yourself these whilst lying down eating chocolate).

1. If you don’t get up and do the things you planned to do will you or someone else get into trouble?

There are (lots of) days where it’s not just about you but about your boss, your client, your family or your friends instead.

And unless you’ve hit a physical, emotional or spiritual boundary, take responsibility for yourself, drag your body out of bed and honour the promise you made as well as you can!

2. Is something going on with you physically?

Sometimes we just burden our body to its limits where it starts to object by getting sick, fat or just superlow on energy.

If you’ve been eating lots of (junk)food and not exercising properly than there’s a cause for your state of being today!

The answer: drag yourself out of bed, throw a big bunch of fruits and veggies in either a blender or (slow) juicer to get a shot of healthy vitamins and minerals in you, and go out and get moving a bit.

It doesn’t have to be much more than a short walk through town or nature or even a few yoga exercises but getting the body moving and blood circulating might make all the difference.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself, you know this could happen when you binged your way through whatever it was!

If you’ve been sick or feel that you’re just about to, the above still counts but take a little extra care!

Low energy3. Is something going on with you emotionally?

This is where things turn a little more complicated and opaque, but for me, it’s usually the main source for these low energy days.

Perhaps something happened or was said that has made an emotional impact from which you still need to recover. Perhaps there’s a weird and unresolved tension in the relationship with one of your friends. Or perhaps something is coming up that you’re dreading.

There are of course all sorts of reasons to feel emotionally drained but sorting out what the root cause is will give you an opportunity to make it lighter too.

Because you could let a heavy emotional blow just work through your system. Or it could be that your 1 big action today would be to pick up the phone and talk things through with your friend. And you could also talk to someone about what it is that you’re fearing and see how you can move toward it with little babysteps (instead of fearing that you’ll need to conquer the entire mountain at once).

You CAN and you MUST take responsibility for  your own emotions. Even if it’s to ‘just’
ask for help

4. What outside factors might have an impact on my energy?

If you’re not very spiritually or energetically inclined than it might surprise you how much impact something seemingly irrelevant might have on your energy and your mood.

The full moon (or new moon) is always a good one for example!

And perhaps it’s not you but your spouse or roommate or even your neighbours that aren’t feeling well and their low low low energy is dripping over to you.

I personally like to take as much responsibility for my own actions and emotions wherever I can, but knowing what’s going on around me, especially when I see that there’s nothing really ‘wrong’ with me, helps me relax in the mood and often instantly lightens it.

There sooo much more to say on this topic but for right now, when you’re dealing with a light version of apathy just like I was Saturday, just going through these questions will help you create clarity and through that, lightness!

Low energyBecause for me, I realised it was a combination of too much sugar, a week filled with highly creative productivity and an honest to God spirit entity in my room that I had to show the way ‘up’ (I’m not kidding and not sure if I’m ready to tell the world about this yet…).

And after figuring this out, cutting myself some slack and knowing that the sugar thing was completely my own responsibility, I decided to take a short bike trip to this lovely inner city beach shack, have some fresh mint tea and chill out until inspiration would hit me again.

And interestingly, it apparently has or I wouldn’t have been able to write this post whilst sitting in the sun with my feet in the sand.

We human beings have a natural rhythm that moves between days of high energy and creativity and those days when things just need to move a little slower.

In today’s world however we’re usually forcing ourselves to stick to a discipline and our to do lists and blame ourselves when we can’t live up to it.

But listening to your mind, your body and your emotions will help you, and doing so regularly will help you to trust your natural instincts a whole lot more.

So that when it’s your time to jump high, you will.

But if it’s a little wallowing you need…you can do so guilt free!