Do you ever get hit by a lightning bolt of clarity and ask yourself: What is the meaning of life anyway?

Yeah, I got a ton of that in the past weeks…

I got struck down by a serious cold and it turned me hyper-philosophical and introspective. And it made me wonder (in the most Carrie Bradshaw of ways apparently…), is there a point to all that we as human beings are doing?

Because when you think about the fact that the distance between Earth and the edge of the observable universe is 14 billion parsecs and that if even the Millennium Falcon only did the Kessel run in about 12 parsecs, then that simply has to mean that the universe, as it is at this time and put in scientific terms, is PRETTY FUCKING BIG. Add to that the fact that humanity did not even exist before the last couple of minutes of December 31st on the Cosmic Calendar. And let’s for the sake of simplicity not even go to into the unmeasurable and potential existence of other universes, dimensions, multiple lives, and non-duality for now.

In other words, if we are indeed only specks of dust in the vast and wide Universe…what is the meaning of life?

In true business consultant turned ‘philosopher’ fashion I’m going to say: “Well…yes and no…”


Let’s start with the NO.

What is the meaning of lifeNo, because, as the sage-like Calvin says: “When you look into infinity, you realize that there are more important things than what people do all day.”

YES!!! Try and wiggle your way out of that logic!

Though I know many people take this as something that saddens and depresses them, it really doesn’t have to be. Because when you truly feel to your core that you’re really not more than a teeny tiny little bit of stardust anyway… And if you find the zen in yourself to be at peace with that…all the pretense falls way.

Pretending that you’re doing fine when you’re not. Pretending it is entirely normal to work 60 hour weeks without any reward or recognition from your boss. That you need to look, act, speak in a certain way to be liked and accepted. Or that you need to follow the same path so many before you have walked.

If you do not matter, then none of that matters too…and that…might just be the key to true freedom in life.

Conclusion: if you’re only an itsy bitsy bit of the history of this Universe, why keep making such a fuss over the little things?


Let’s not forget, we also need to consider the YES.

Yes, of course you do matter in the right here and now! Who cares that the Universe doesn’t really care what you do with your life; that does not have to mean that you shouldn’t care. Right? Neither does that mean that the people around you don’t care. Nor the people you might meet and inspire in the future.

You matter because you’re here. On this planet, in this body, with this heart, and this mind. Today. In this very second.

The question that then remains is of course; what’s the thing that matters to you?

Well…and I realize that I, yet again, have nothing more than a very unsatisfactory answer to give you (though it does remain completely aligned with the shades of gray that come within the context of philosophy): “That depends.”

It depends on you of course. On whether or not you’re able to find the guts necessary to break free from the must-do/must-have/must-be Matrix-y realm that so many of us are (at least partially) stuck in. It also depends on whether or not you have the open mind and heart necessary to actively go searching for that inner peace and authentic life. And on whether you can keep persevering all throughout. Even when life seems to be throwing stones at your head.

Most of all, it depends on whether you let the things that scare you stop you. If you are indeed able to break through your biggest fears, you will learn that “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Words, of course, made famous by Franklin D. Roosevelt in his inaugural address in 1933 (though I was told that he got them from Fonzie).


But perhaps the meaning of life was 42 all along…

What is the meaning of lifeOr perhaps we shouldn’t be breaking our pretty little heads over questions such as these and simply let them be answered by our omniscient and magnificent Overlord:

Me: What is the meaning of life?”

HAL Siri: “Try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book now and then, get some walking in, and try to live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.”

My thoughts exactly! (Isn’t it great to live in a time where artificial intelligence still means well?)

All in all, I obviously don’t really know what the meaning of life is. But…I do know very well what the meaning in my life is. For me, it’s consciously working towards a world where we all understand ourselves and each other better. Where we uplift and inspire and have an ability to connect on an authentic level. And I do so on my terms and conditions, with complete creative freedom and like-hearted people (even if they don’t always agree with me). It’s not easy, and it’s definitely very personal and specific to me, but it is what matters to me.

And that is what makes is meaningful.


What’s the meaning in your life?

p.s. sorry for all the geeky references; I’ve really let my nerd flag fly in this post 🙂