Are you ready to choose yourself?

You’ve heard of the very demagogue-y decision to remove all climate change information of the White House website haven’t you?

And how several U.S. government agencies were asked to limit communicating certain information to the world?

And how employees of these and other agencies decided to set up private ‘rogue’ Twitter accounts? Only to ensure the ’truth’ would still be out there once even more restrictive directions come in from the Oval Office?

Check out the @rogueNASA Twitter header:

choose yourself

Man, I think that’s sooo cool! This is what it’s like to choose yourself!

Because what could be more important than living your own truth?

Nothing! Abso-fucking-lutely nothing!

That’s why we all see the outrage happening in our timelines and television screens. That’s why you yourself might be (or have been) out there marching and protesting. And that’s why I’m working on the ridiculously ludicrous goal that is World Peace.

Because the truth is that we ALL want to live a happy and harmonious life. Right?

No, not in the skipping through fields in flowery and flowy dresses kind of way, but in the sense that we’re happy with the lives we live and the people we get to do that with (and that includes ourselves). That any issues, frictions, or discussions that might arise with others are resolved in a peaceful manner. And that we’re lovingly and respectfully supported in times of pain, loneliness, and hardship.

That’s it…that’s what most of us really want from life…it’s ever so simple…

And yet, it seems like we’ve been further away from that than we’ve ever been in our time (well, for those of us in the lucky West that is…). It is therefore rightfully so that we’re collectively angry and frustrated and able and willing to shake our fists and shout “NO!” to that what obviously is shaping up to be a very oppressive regime.

But…here’s my question: Are you able to find that same “HELL NO!” in other parts of your life?

Are you able to shout that to the management of the company that’s keeping you uninformed and maybe even scared for your job? How about telling that to the ‘friend’ who always makes you feel like you’re the size of an average garden gnome? And, perhaps the most difficult of all, are you able to shout that “NO” to yourself in the mirror when your own limiting beliefs make you sink back into the couch for yet another night of downing a bag of chips in one go whilst you watch your dreams of setting up that business/going on that round-the-world-trip/or insert any other big dream here slowly circle down the drain together with your pride and integrity?

I know, it’s a sucky question to ask…

And no, if your answer is”no, I’m not able to do that…”, then this definitely does NOT diminish your value as a person or the value of you putting your voice out there right now.

But you might want to ask yourself:

Why am I not equally as outraged in those day-to-day situations too?

  • Is it because this whole political situation and all the consequences it drags along with it is so absurd and abnormal?
  • Is it because there are actually lives at stake? (And again, I totally agree with you, this deserves all the protest it’s getting and more. I don’t want to be nuked either just because some of my fellow Dutchies made a funny video…)

Or is it simply because that’s the type of abuse and oppression we’re used to?

Because it is ’normal’ when companies treat us like crap. It is ’normal’ to feel a pit of ‘Sunday’ dread in your stomach as you’ll be going to your shit job the day after. It’s almost a symbol of status actually to constantly feel like you’re on the verge of a burn-out. And, what about never really feeling like you can be yourself when you’re surrounded by ‘friends’?


In fact, all these things should feel and be seen as so not normal, and so unacceptable in your life that they deserve the same outrage and protesting and “HELL NO’s!” as anything.

And it’s not the companies, the managers, the so-called friends, or whoever else is involved here that is ’the enemy’. It is the enemy within that needs to be protested…

This enemy is the you that has thus far not been able to be truly self-compassionate that has made the decisions to stay in the situations you might find yourself in. It is you who has not yet been able to choose yourself.

Sure…those institutions, and companies, and people all need to change too…but…that’s really not up to us is it? For one, it is not our place to judge. For two, nothing and no-one is ever going to change just because you tell them to (as change has to come from deep within). And for three, our influence on the lives and goings-on of others is really far beyond our circle of influence… That leaves us with the 1 thing that we can influence…and the 1 thing that we can change. Which, of course, is us. But…only if you’re willing to choose yourself.

So, are you ready to go rogue and choose yourself too?

Let me know in the comments!