How is it to be you?


Linda CoussementI’ve always felt like I missed a manual to life. That maybe I was sick that day they handed it out (or skipped school for some other naughty reason…no, I’m just kidding, I was the most boring kid you could imagine, well…up until I was 17…;). Anyway, I’ve never had a clue what life was about and how I was supposed to live it. And I thought everybody else did.

Now that I’m older and have figured some things out for myself (I did pretty well actually, considering…), I’ve realised that nobody has any freakin’ clue on what’s going on. So during a solo hike in Normandy (that ended up with me crawling off the campsite after day 3 and hitchhiking back to my car because of shoes that were too small) I decided that I wanted to write that manual to life.

Luckily my senses hit me just in time because who am I to write such a thing, right? But…I could investigate how other people experience life. How they experience being them. What people’s stories are. Et voila…the idea was born! I was going to ask all sorts of people: “How is it to be you?”

For a full year (2015/2016), I’ve travelled across Europe in my wonky car and asked over a 100 people this very question. Some, I’ve recorded. Others, I’ve photographed. Most, I just let be in the moment. All taught me priceless lessons.

For all the differences that make us beautifully unique, we all do share the same humanity. And to connect with someone, anyone, on that level, that is what life is all about.




How It Is To Be Hendrikx

We are told to love one another, we listen to it, and we follow it. It’s too bad the rest of the world doesn’t do the same.


How It Is To Be Sofia

"It’s useless to pretend everything is okay. That just makes things worse and makes me feel like a crazy person."


How It Is To Be Tom

"How it is to be me? That's very simple; it's me!" - Tom - the rebellious Irishman living in Greece


How It Is To Be John

"I would like to live in a society where we work for the benefit of mankind rather than for ourselves."


How It Is To Be Kenny

"It's awesome! I made a decision to step out of my comfort zone, to leave my corporate life and follow my dreams."


How It Is To Be Adel

"Luckily there are many people now helping each other out and working together for the benefit of all."