Sitting on Hills & Ignoring Forever-Worries (#2)

Something’s not right, he thought. Something’s not right at all. Surprised by a sudden fright, he frantically looked around in an attempt to find out what was causing his distress. Though he very well knew it was caused by his own atypical actions. From his spot, sitting on top of the hill, with vast wastelands behind him, he had a perfect view of the city. It wasn’t the only city on the planet he knew, but all he knew, was this one. Towers as high as the sky rose up in front of him. Grey, they were because the scientists [...]

Stiletto Heels & Unconscious Truths (#1)

The television still hadn’t faded to dead black yet. Its gaping mouth in the mahogany veneered cabinet stared at her with an intent that made her feel guilty. Quickly, unable to look at the cruel beast any longer, she stood up and closed the sliding doors. Hiding it away from the world. Her world. High heels ticking on the marbled white floor. One, two, three ticks, and she was back on the ragged couch. Hands folded in her lap. She sighed. Even though the lonely light bulb hanging from the ceiling barely illuminated the dank living room, she stared into [...]

About Burning Out And Rising Up

I’ve been terribly lost these past months. Heaps of energy loss, mixed with a pinch of existential depression, and a whole lot of questions on what the hell is going on in the world. And, what my role in all this is. After all, I’m just a tiny nobody behind a laptop (I’m not, I know I’m not, but knowledge doesn’t always translate to feeling as you’ve probably experienced yourself once or twice or a million times over). Periods like these are not new in my life. Nor do I consider them as bad. They’re the growing pains that come [...]

How It Is To Be Jasper Kok/Guru Gian; An Interview

How It Is To Be Guru Gian/Jasper Kok From looking and being 'normal' to feeling and being connected to the self and your mind; this conversation with my good friend Jasper hit all my favorite topics. Guru Gian's tip for more happiness and staying connected to yourself: Develop a relationship with your mind and ensure your mind is serving you (instead of controlling you). Perhaps the easiest way to get started with this is by meditating. Simply sit quietly and breathe long deep breaths in and out through your nose for 3 minutes every day. You'll be amazed by the inner [...]

Who Am I? Who Should I Be? About The F*cked-Uppedness Of Identity

I have this new obsession. It is one that made my friends look at me with utter amazement and wonder if they’d ever really known me at all. It is one that is making me stare in the mirror and ask myself: "Who am I?" Because my obsession is….[insert drumroll here]…watching makeup and beauty vloggers on YouTube and buying and playing around with makeup and facial peelings and dry brushes and cuticle creams accordingly. I will not get into the fact that makeup is apparently a whole lot more of an art and science than I had ever imagined. Neither will [...]