World Peace Process


World Peace Process


World Peace Process


World Peace Process



That’s right; we’re in the business of world peace! Of course, there’s no use trying to boil all 5 oceans in 1 go…so our strategy is to make it happen 1 individual and 1 ‘simple’ question at a time.

Call it grassroots. Or bottom-up. Or inside-out. It is us taking responsibility for our own happiness and through that for the happiness of the world as a whole.

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To inspire you, to move you, to lift you up, and to let you know you’re definitely not the only one in the whole wide world who feels ‘that’ way…

These are ‘How Is It To Be You?’ stories gathered from people all over the world.

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This is not about rescuing stray cats and dogs from every street corner, protesting the establishment, or having to become supernice and social if that’s just not your thing… It’s about finding your own good vibes so you can let them spread to others.

How It Is To Be Charly: The Soon To Be Tao Master From Vienna

"It's very easy to be me. Inhale, exhale. Of course there's darkness in my life but it's all about how to deal with it."

How It Is To Be Michal: The Banker Who Became A Papermaker

"Here I don't need to smile if I don't want, but most of the time I smile because there are people that are also smiling."

How It Is To Be Miss Tobi: The Transgender Artist From Berlin

"I want to take my room and I want to be visible. I want to be in the street and not in the closet"


We would like to challenge you to ask “How is it to be you?” 4 separate times:

  1. Ask yourself (and share your story if you’d like)
  2. Ask someone close to you
  3. Ask someone you know but usually don’t have intimate conversations with
  4. Ask a stranger

That’s it…there are no time constraints…no desired outcomes…no judgments…just the question and the conversation that follows…

Sometimes…when the weight of the world weighs heavy on your shoulders, it helps to share how it is to be you.

Write down your words, upload a song, share you heart with poetry, or express yourself through visual art; everything, around the context of ‘How it is to be you’ is welcome!


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Asking “How is it to be you?” is not about trying to wiggle your way into the deepest crevices of someone’s soul…it’s simply about having a meaningful conversation. Just sit, listen, and keep an open heart and mind all throughout!

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How To Take A Compliment With Grace. And Really Truly Mean It!

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Linda CoussementThis is me, Linda Coussement, and I’m slowly traveling all around the world to talk to people, make (photo and video) portraits, write about all things ‘How it is to be you’ and mentor and coach people and entrepreneurs in getting the best out of their heart-driven but well-grounded lives and businesses. Whatever those may look like.

The art and travel part of the project does not have a defined set of boundaries or even a plan…but the long-term vision is clear: to make emotional hygiene as normal as personal hygiene. And that can then turn into more understanding, more compassion, more meaningful relationships and, well…more peace in this world.

Want to know more? Check out this page. Have you got any ideas on how to make the project bigger and bolder? Get in touch and let’s chat!